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The first part of the movie Quiet Place was a huge success. Critics and viewers liked it. I refer everyone interested to Netflix, because at the moment it can be seen there. The plot of the horror was about a family trying to survive in a world full of monsters that respond to even the slightest noise. Mortal danger was lurking at every turn, and they couldn't scream.

A quiet place 2 in cinemas from March 20

The second part is a direct continuation of its predecessor. The family will continue to fight for survival in silence. They will venture into the unknown, seeking help there. However, it turns out that the creatures that respond to sounds that have been their bane so far are not the worst that could happen to them. New, chilling adventures and new characters await us. All fans will certainly keep their fingers crossed so that the second part maintains the level of one or is better than it.

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The director and screenwriter of the film was again John Krasinski (The office, Quiet place). The production will include Emily Blunt (The girl on the train. On the edge of tomorrow), Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders. Towards the sun), Noah Jupe (Quiet place. A wonderful boy), Millicent Simmonds (Quiet place. Wonderstruck) and Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond. Gladiator).

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Horror lovers have something to enjoy. It seems that they will be able to start spring exactly as they like. I recommend all the rest to check even the first part. This is a rather unusual film that can appeal to even those who try to shun this genre. Or maybe you just don't like too many dialogues and would like to watch something that won't overwhelm you? Go ahead! In a word – everyone will find something for themselves. Let only the sequel ever be the previous one. The ending of the previous part gave the viewers the imagination. How will it be this time?

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