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PLN 2,000 for exceeding 50 km / h speeding

In October, we talked about the amount of up to PLN 1,500 for exceeding the speed limit by over 50 km / h. Now as he says Republic the government bids even higher and the penalty for a similar offense can be up to PLN 2,000. However, this is not the last word, because Prime Minister Morawiecki mentioned that he liked the idea of ​​making the amount of the mandate dependent on earnings. So it seems that officials are still working on new ideas and probably only in a few weeks or even months we will get to know more detailed information.

The good news is that the government wants to significantly increase the penalty only for the most dangerous road behavior. In addition to significant speeding, it would be, for example, entering the intersection at a red light or overtaking at a pedestrian crossing. Penalties for minor offenses would still remain at the same level. Moreover, courts would have wider possibilities of punishment, in the most serious cases, e.g. causing an accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the driver could be even losing the car. Perhaps such a punishment would limit the scourge of drunk drivers a bit.

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Among the planned changes, there is also an idea that penalty points will be automatically deleted after 12 months only if the driver pays the ticket on time. I am looking forward to specific proposals, hopefully that they will be implemented wisely.

Discussion topic on pedestrian crossings

Regardless of the planned changes regarding the amount of the seats, there are also new proposals regarding the privilege of pedestrians. The topic is difficult, an interesting column about this topic was recently written by Kuba, and the most important message of this text is that it is the pedestrian who will always lose the car. It is worth keeping this in mind regardless of whether you are traveling on the road by car or on your feet. The principle of limited trust applies to both parties.

The controversial idea that gives pedestrians priority before crossing arouses the most emotions. Supporters and opponents of this solution have their arguments that seem justified. In this context, however, the case of Lithuania is interesting, where the law was changed almost a year ago, pedestrians have priority over lanes. According to the portal BRD24, resulted in a 40% decrease in the number of people killed at crossings. In absolute numbers, it looks less impressive, meaning a decrease from 15 to 9 victims. In Poland, in 2018, 271 pedestrians died on roads, so it's easy to count that we can potentially save even more than 100 lives in this way.

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It is worth mentioning one more fact. As part of its package of changes in regulations, Lithuania has also banned the use of mobile devices at pedestrian crossings. There is a 20 to 40 euros fine for this, so as a result both pedestrians and drivers are required to be more careful. And I have the impression that this is the key to reducing fatalities.

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