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Sony has finally confirmed some details about PlayStation 5. And so – we can finally write it with full conviction – the console will be called PlayStation 5. I am glad that Sony did not go into some strange naming completely spoiling the current style. However, there is still some time left to launch the console. The impatient must bite their teeth and hold on until Christmas 2020.

PlayStatnion 5 will appear at the end of December 2020

We already know that PlayStation 5 will fully support ray tracing. Real-time ray tracking has been integrated into the GPU. Enough combos and strange tricks on the part of developers! The effects will definitely be compelling. Of course, we will also get a new controller. Dualshock 5 will receive improved vibration and touch technology. There will also be refined triggers. Developers will be able, for example, to program the resistance force that the button will place for specific actions.

Thanks to the improved vibration, you'll really feel a wider range of feedback from the controller. The collision with the wall will be in a race car will be a completely different experience than fighting on a football field. (…) Developers can program the resistance of the buttons so that you can feel the exact arrow pulling the bow and accelerating the off-road vehicle on rocky terrain.

PlayStation 5 will debut in two variants: regular and PRO? Please, but …

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PlayStation 5 wants to focus on speed. Physical media will not disappear, but the optical drive itself will be twice as fast as Bluray 4K players. The console will also be equipped with SSDs, which is to significantly speed up the gameplay, even by shortening the loading screens. Most games will still have to land directly on the discs, for the sake of their speed, but we will be able to install only selected elements of the title. This is a good option for those who only care about the story campaign in the game.

I do not want 4K and 60 frames only smooth and smart games

PS5 will not receive one menu, because each client will be able to customize the appearance of the start screen. Sony will allow you to make personalization so that everyone can "throw" the right data on the first screen. The user interface will be improved so that both players who prefer single games and multi fans are happy. All of this looks pretty good on paper. What will it really be like? We'll find out in just over a year. Will you ask Santa for PlayStation 5 under the Christmas tree?

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