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Who often travels by Polish railways, especially over long distances, knows that access to the network on trains is at a premium. Such a journey of several hours can definitely pass faster with two or three films watched, for example on HBO GO or Netflix, without the need to use offline mode. However, this access to the network varies depending on the route, which is why the next PKP Intercity investment is pleased, which should eliminate the problem of the lack of coverage during long distance rail travel.

Most importantly, because there are people who refuse to log in to public hotspots, in addition to access to WiFi in modernized cars have been installed or will be installed in the last 15 cars, cell signal amplifiers, but these are not the only amenities:

The modernized wagons are Class 2 compartment vehicles, equipped with comfortable seats, with air conditioning, outlets, an electronic passenger information system and with closed-circuit toilets. In addition, mobile signal amplifiers and devices for wireless internet were installed in the wagons. Driving comfort and silence inside the wagon are provided by the construction of modern bogies.

Once all 90 wagons have been delivered by the factory, they will provide the abovementioned convenience on the following routes:

  • Szczecin – Tricity – Olsztyn – Białystok
  • Wrocław / Zielona Góra – Poznań – Gdynia / Olsztyn – Białystok
  • Kraków / Lublin– Katowice – Wrocław – Zielona Góra –Szczecin – Świnoujście
  • Przemyśl – Lublin – Warsaw – Bydgoszcz – Gdynia / Piła – Kołobrzeg / Gorzów Wlkp.
  • Suwałki – Białystok / Lublin – Warsaw – Poznań – Szczecin / Gorzów Wlkp./Zielona Góra.
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It is also worth mentioning that PKP Intercity premium cars, i.e. in Pendolino, have also been successfully installed in most WiFi trains.

Source: PKP Intercity.

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