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As we read in the description of the series, "hip-hop is not only music, but also one of the most influential cultural movements." If you do not believe that this is the case, then the new AMC program "Hip hop: songs that rocked America" ​​will definitely change your mind. I'm after the screening of two of the six episodes, which is devoted to the most groundbreaking songs in the history of this genre, and although I'm not a big fan of hip hop, I watched each of them with considerable curiosity.

This is largely due to the way the document was implemented. Each of the songs is not only presented from one musical perspective, but other aspects that influence its role in culture are also taken into account. There is no shortage of analysis of the musical composition made by the creators and guests invited to the studio, but the added value is the presentation of the circumstances in which he debuted. Here we will learn a little more about the social and economic aspects of the period.

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The executive producers of the series are members of the iconic hip-hop band "The
Roots "- producer and drummer Ahmir" Questlove "Thompson and vocalist Tariq" Black
Thought ”Trotter, and also Alex Gibney. The series was directed by Erik Parker
and One9. Executive producers also included Shawn Gee, Stacey Offman,
Richard Perello and Shea Serrano. Executive co-producers are Angie Day, Erik
Parker and One9.

Trailer and Hip Hop episode descriptions: songs that rocked America

The first episode focuses on the song "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West, while in the second we hear the story of Kendrick Lamar's song entitled "Alright." The next ones talk about the songs "Rock Box" Run-DMC, "Elevators" by OutKast, "The Bridge" by Marley Marl and MC Shan and "Ladies First" by Queen Latifah. Each episode will premiere on the AMC Poland channel at 22:00 starting today, November 22.

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