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Creating blockades for parking in prohibited places is nothing new. However, the Americans have recently used a slightly different solution and instead of blocking the wheel, they put a large plate on the glass that prevents driving until the penalty is paid. However, it turns out that such protection can easily be bypassed.

The ingenious student did not want to pay the seats

The blockade called "barnacle" (the name comes from a crustacean that sticks to various objects under water) is nothing more than a large plate covering the windshield. It is mounted like a suction cup, a vacuum is created inside, which makes it impossible to tear it away from the glass. Recently, such solutions have begun to use American universities as a penalty for incorrect parking or notorious avoidance of paying for parking. The solution is good because you do not have to wait for the arrival of the relevant services, because the blockade can be removed remotely by paying a rather high bill first. However, not everyone liked it.

On the network for several days history circulates one of the students from the University of Oklahoma who got rid of such blockade quite simply. Instead of paying, he turned on a warm air blower on the windshield, after about 15 minutes the seal softened so much that it was able to pry off with a payment card and tear the blockage from the windshield. Under the post on reddit, other stories immediately appeared, such as covering the transmitter with aluminum foil, which was supposedly also to deactivate all security. Others went a step further, someone else boasted that he was able to pull out a SIM card from such a lock, which had an unlimited internet packet attached and used the network for free for several months.

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I pay for studies, I will not pay for parking

The case also has a second bottom. Students paying for their education at universities in the United States do not want to pay expensive parking fees yet. And universities have recently started to enforce fees in this way. The blockade is established after the third offense, in Oklahoma you had to pay up to 185 USD to download it. What's more, even if someone would like to go with something like that on the windshield, they can not do it too much, because the built-in GPS detects movement and then activates an audible alarm. After the students' protests, the university withdrew from this solution, but it certainly will not give up the enforcement of parking fees. However, the producer of "barnacle" has already introduced appropriate improvements to prevent its download by the method described above.

In fact, I'm not even surprised by these students. Recently, I came across an interesting topic related to student loans in the US. Apart from the very high costs of education, most of them are constructed in such a way that they are virtually unpayable. Many people paid mainly interest after 5, 8 or 10 years of repayment, and the amount of capital decreased slightly. To be honest, I didn't delve into how exactly it works, but it looks worse than our Polish "franc" scandal. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that people are forced to pay for parking, as if high tuition fees were not enough.

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