child abuse social media

Instagram is the most widely used platform for sexual communication with children

The last month is quite a loud period when it comes to the issue of the use of children in social media. Of course, the most popular action takes place on YouTube, but the latest research throws not too favorable light on Instagram. What is going on? A report published by the National Association for

linux deistributions

Top 10 Linux distributions. Which one to choose?

One of the advantages of using Linux is that, unlike Windows or macOS, you can customize it to your needs. This means that instead of one identical for all users of the version, we have many variants of this system. Choosing the right distribution is one of the most important decisions faced by those planning

Germany does not care about the US and will probably agree to use 5G technology from Huawei

The United States does not love China and does not like Chinese companies. Especially those dealing with technology, such as ZTE or Huawei. The US government believes that these two companies are spying on people using their technology (especially employees of governments in other countries) and provide collected information to the authorities of the Middle


JP Morgan Bank created its own cryptocurrency

JPM Coin because this is called cryptocurrency created by the American bank JPMorgan Chase (JPM) commanded by Jamie Dimon, is the first cryptocurrency created by the American financial institution. The first tests of cryptocurrencies are to start within a few months. JPM Coin is to increase billing efficiency, it will initially focus on international billing