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I have never concealed my dislike for Facebook – and every subsequent failure of the platform only confirms my belief that I am right. These, unfortunately, have happened a little too often in recent years. Actually, I don't remember the quarter anymore, so that the portal was not in the middle of an affair. A slip-up chases a slip-up, and as a Christmas present – it's another. This time, the victims of data were more than two hundred and sixty-seven million Facebook users.

Security specialists: Bob Diachenko and Comparitech employees came across an online database of over 267 million records (267.140.436, to be exact). They were probably acquired by scraping, or directly by … abuse related to the Facebook API. All this data was posted to the forum two weeks ago – and among those records, apart from user IDs were, among others, telephone numbers, names and time stamps. According to Diachenko – they are all real, and most of them belong to residents of the United States.

  You probably haven't heard of him, but this is the "third" mobile system in the world

Facebook has not yet issued an official statement stating how many users are affected. IN interview with Focus News Agency service representatives said that the data was probably collected before they made changes, and external developers have not had access to phone numbers since last year. However, it is difficult to rule out that a vulnerability was found in the system that allowed access to the data. Well, it always comes into play yet scraping, i.e. collecting information made publicly available by the bots – which is, of course, illegal in the light of the website's regulations, but in this case you can say that … users have asked for it themselves.

But I have no illusions that anyone else will impress. Truth?


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