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Orange has published on its blog today the current state of arrival with its fiber optics in the country. The largest number of customers who could use Orange fiber optic network is in Warsaw – 79,000, Wrocław – 30,000, Kraków – 29,000, Szczecin – 20,000. and Łódź – 19 thousand. In general there are already 0.5 million, and in the range, i.e. with the possibility of connecting 4 million potential customers.

Jean-François Fallacher, President of Orange Polska:

We see that Poles are more and more willing to choose super-fast internet. This is confirmed by over 500,000 users of Orange Fiber. Just look at the rate at which this service has gained customers: we've gained the first one hundred thousand users two years after launching the offer, and the last in just 7 months. Since 2015, we have invested over PLN 3 billion in the development of the fiber network. Today, more than 4 million, or nearly 30% of all houses and flats in Poland, can use the service. We want at least 5 million households to be available by the end of next year.

It is hopeful that Orange is rapidly connecting another 100,000 new customers to the network. The last 100,000 managed to connect in 7 months, the previous ones in 8 months, and the other 100,000 in 10 months.

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Orange fiber optics are already available in 142 cities for private individuals, companies and various institutions not only in multi-family buildings, but also in 400,000 single-family houses. In half of these cities, almost half of households are covered.

As for the largest percentage share in the number of connections to the network of customers within the range of Orange fiber optics, it was recorded among the inhabitants of Podkowa Leśna – 52%. We have Milanówek – 33%, Sulejówek – 28%, Zakopane – 27% and Szczecin – 19%.

Source: Orange.

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