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The results will certainly not be a surprise, I do not want to undermine the credibility of the study here, I am only saying that the fact that Orange published it only shows that they won the study, otherwise no one would know about it . It's probably clear and obvious to everyone.

However, before we get to the results of this study, it is worth recalling that this is the third mobile telecommunications network quality survey this year and the third winner. So we have three operators with the best mobile network in Poland – just enjoy.

P3 – Best in test 2019

Best in test is a study commissioned by Deutsche Telekom, carried out by the independent company P3 Communication since 2016. Every year, T-Mobile won them, except for 2018, the results of which we have not found out. These are only my assumptions, maybe just last year they did not continue the tradition of this annual research, but it somehow confirms my thesis from the introduction.

In any case, the edition of the Best in test 2019 test was again won by T-Mobile, so this operator was the first with the best mobile network in Poland this year.

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T-Mobile won in total score, scoring 910 points out of 1000 possible. In the category of voice services, he scored 323 points out of 340 possible, and in data transmission 461 out of 510. They lost only in the category Crowdsourced Quality, in which they scored 126 out of 150 possible, two other operators achieved a better result here.

Speed ​​test from Ookla

The second large-scale survey this year was the Ookla Speedtest ranking, which was also based on scoring – you can read about the principles of operating and granting Speed ​​Score points in the linked entry.

OperatorNumber of TestsSpeed ​​Score

This ranking was won by Play, and was based on measurements of 270,000 unique users who made over 1.3 million measurements across the country.

Mobile network quality survey commissioned by Orange

We are now proceeding to the Orange study, which was carried out by an independent research company. The study involved checking over 20 network parameters related to both conversations and data transfer. For 4 weeks, 3,000 were made. data transfer tests and 5,000 voice connection tests, on various sections of the route and in cities throughout Poland.

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Orange scored 952.3 points out of 1000 possible. Interesting results include, among others, the percentage of successful calls in VoLTE throughout the entire test route, Orange managed to get their percentage at the level of 97.28%. There are no operators listed here, you can only guess that the last place in this parameter is Plus with a score of 0%, which does not offer this technology.

So we have three operators with the best quality of mobile networks in Poland, which is also confirmed by monthly rankings, be it made by or, in which these three operators have been systematically exchanging the first place in almost half a year. Earlier, Orange from T-Mobile was the leader in these rankings. We are just waiting for Plus to join this group.

Photo: Gutzemberg /Depositphotos.

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