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OnePlus understands the needs of users

OnePlus began its story by creating the legendary flagship killers. The first OnePlus One gained notoriety all over the world due to the fantastic price-performance ratio. In addition, the company had a great deal of sales. Before they decided on regular advertising or special promotions, they decided to sell the phone to people who had a special invitation. All media described the whole matter, and many people decided to get this hard-to-reach smartphone. In this way, everyone, however interested in the subject of technology, learned about OnePlus and the manufacturer had an easier task with his next suggestions.

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The second characteristic was performance. Snapdragon 801 in April 2014 made a staggering impression, and adding to that the focus on CyanogenMod we received a real lightning. There were no unnecessary functions, fireworks in the form of hand gesture control, but the whole provided a great user experience. In addition, the manufacturer all the time emphasized that they do not want to focus on unnecessary additions and put the needs of customers first. All the time OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, reasonably explains the lack of waterproof certification (because of unnecessary costs) or induction charging (because few people use). Although they mostly amuse me, it must be admitted that you can really live without them.

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At one point they noticed that the segment of cheap flagships had grown and customers stopped just looking at how much they would pay. It is worth noting that now we can choose from Xiaomi / Redmi, Realme, Lenovo or Asus equipment, so there is no special space for OnePlus, which could boast of greater uniqueness among all available high-end devices.

What about high prices and being premium?

I was inspired by Samsung's approach to write this text and how the Galaxy Note 10+ works on a daily basis. While I assess the equipment positively, I expected something better at its price and, as a matter of fact, will become a much better choice after the price drops. Koreans especially failed in terms of software. For me it is surprising that such a huge group still has problems to create a working overlay without any problems, i.e. animation cuts or sudden zmrożeń the phone that goes through after a reboot. I understand that this can happen on every smartphone, but it is becoming increasingly clear that in Samsung we pay extra for the brand, and the company is even dismissive about the system topic. I quietly hope that Android 10 and Samsung One UI 2 will fix it. It is even more fun because the equipment works best under load, i.e. with a large number of applications enabled, also in the background.

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On the other hand, we have OnePlus. Their phones are not perfect, they do not yet offer the best multimedia, but they offer decent equipment as standard. In addition, they were among the first to focus on screens with a higher refresh rate. I was skeptical about it before, but after seeing the 90 Hz display live I changed my mind. The more interesting is the fact that in OnePlus 8 Pro we have supposedly be able to turn on even 120 Hz. This addition really translates into a better user experience, which, in combination with an extremely fast-acting base, must give satisfying results. In this respect, Apple also shows Samsung what the premium models are all about: truly premium smooth operation at any time.

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