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But let's get back to this unfortunate nomophobia: what did it look like? I wouldn't contact anyone on Slack, no one would call me. Nobody would write. I would not check the train timetable and would not easily buy a ticket. I would have to check the timetables earlier, save them (or remember them) and fly to the conductor or the window for tickets. At the window / at the conductor, on the other hand, I would have to pay with plastic out of the wallet or cash (which I don't really like because it's uncomfortable).

I thought I knew what I was afraid of. Over the years of sinking into modern solutions, I have learned so nasty laziness that any "fakap" associated with the unavailability of services makes me a handicapped person. I became so comfortable that I began to be afraid of a situation where I would run out of factors determining my comfort. I wonder if I would find myself in a world where you can't buy a ticket online, check the timetable on your phone or whether you should pay in cash. Probably yes, but it would cost me a lot. Well, I got used to good so much that I can't imagine my life without it.

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Even with this stupid car, I would probably get lost a few times when driving to Sędziszów Małopolski without maps. When I first cover a given route, I try to use navigation (also because route markings on Polish roads are sometimes a funny joke). I think it would be interesting.

Nomophobia – a disease of civilization

Nomophobia is not an official disorder classified in DSM-4 category, but it is considered in terms of "specific phobia." It is a condition in which an individual feels anxiety or fear of fear of losing a smartphone or the availability of its services. Briefly.

Grzegorz Ułan, to whom I proposed this topic beautifully summed it up – somewhat mockingly, but also in a certain way "prophetic". I don't know if 90 percent of the population do so, but I assume that the vast majority of new technology users feel the same about the possibility of losing "contact with the world." Who is to blame for this? We? Progress? Did the technology giants who created all these amenities for us?

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