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In 2016, Prime Minister Morawiecki promised one million electric cars by 2025 on our roads. This year, these ambitious plans have been revised a little and the number has fallen to 300,000, but as I look at the latest report Electromobility meter, I dare to doubt this number.

To set a benchmark, let's first look at the first report from the end of March 2019. At that time, almost 5,000 were driving on Polish roads. electric cars, of which over 3 thousand were fully electric (63%) and hybrids almost 2 thousand (37%). In turn, we had 646 electric car charging stations, including 434 with AC charging and 212 with DC charging.

After 7 months, the number of electric cars in Poland increased to almost 8,000 – 4,700. fully electric and 3,200 hybrid. However, in the case of electric car charging stations, there were just over 300.

Maciej Mazur, Managing Director of PSPA:

The number of electric passenger cars in Poland is growing from month to month, but the market is still in the early stages of development. It will not help him that many potential EV buyers are refraining from buying, waiting for prices related to subsidies under the Low Emission Transport Fund to fall. We hope that the launch of the support system will be felt and affect the pace of electromobility development in Poland.

The aforementioned subsidies for the purchase of an electric car are to start from the new year, but it's still hard to imagine somehow a significant increase in their purchase in Poland to such a level that even those 300,000 will be achieved by 2025.

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Jakub Faryƛ, President of PZPM:

It is important that the procedures for obtaining subsidies under the Low-Emission Transport Fund are as simple as possible so as to enable customers to obtain funding without any problems. It is also important that the largest number of entrepreneurs can benefit from the Fund's subsidies – fleet purchases constitute 3/4 of the new car registration market.

What does it look like with other types of registered electric vehicles – new and used? Here we have a comparison of data from the beginning of the year to September 2019 with the same period last year. In October 2018, in this period there were 1624 registrations of electric passenger cars, this year it doubled to 3250. The division into fully electric and hybrids is more or less similar.

A significant increase compared to last year, at least a percentage, we have in the case of electric vans and trucks – by 154%, from 83 to 211, in total at the end of October there are 446. In turn, electric buses were registered in total in 208, but year-on-year growth dynamics are at a similar level.

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Invariably, we have the most electric motorcycles and mopeds – 6094, of which 5845 mopeds, and 249 motorcycles. In turn, other smaller electric vehicles were registered by the end of October in 195.

Finally, let's look at the list of cities where we will find the most charging stations for electric vehicles. Of course, the most is in Warsaw – over 120, about 50 are in Wroclaw and Katowice. A slightly smaller number can be found in Krakow, Gdansk and Poznan.

Source: PZPM / PSPA.

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