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AirPods Pro don't cost so much by the Apple logo

As soon as the official price of AirPods Pro was given, the Polish internet went crazy attacking headlines in which "absurdly expensive" was repeated every now and then. No, my dear, AirPods Pro are not ridiculously expensive. 1249 zlotys. They are not cheap, but they do not stand out for a terrible price from small wireless headphones with active reduction of ambient sounds. And there are really few on the market – the first example from the bank. September Sony WF-1000XM3, which is exactly the same segment, excluding integration with the operating system, the same possibilities. So we have independent, wireless headphones, not connected with a cable, with an active reduction system. They sound great, suppress great, look … well, they are big, just like the loading box. Expense? 999 zlotys.

Sure, it's still less than Apple, but … With all my sympathy for this device – there is no reason to count on support for updates at the level at which it supports your Apple headphones. And even because of this appl chip, 300 zlotys difference makes sense, as long as of course the ANC and AirPods sound will be at the same level as with Sony. And with this it can be hard, because in my opinion Sony WF-1000XM3 are by far the best in-ear, wireless, independent ANC headphones that you can buy. I am extremely surprised by the progress made by Sony, which managed to eliminate all problems of the first model – the Sony WF-1000X model, which I used for a long time, was unfortunately disappointing. Minus? They are not waterproof and stick out strongly, looking a bit like old headsets that couriers liked so much in their time.

Maybe Bose SoundSport Free? Big ones, sounding great, but without ANC, and cost 849 zlotys in the official store, so also specific money. If you do not care about active damping, I definitely recommend Jabra Elite 65T, although I sensitized to try them on first and check if, as with me, there will be no problem with the volume of individual headphones. Here the price is definitely lower, although PLN 649 is still a lot.

Recommended Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless with ANC are supposedly sensational and you can buy them today for around PLN 1049. But when they appeared on the market, they cost PLN 1249, which is as much as AirPodsy Pro. They look better, but without the mentioned chip from Apple it's still a classic, humorous BT connection.

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Also recommended Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 at the moment cost 1499 zlotys, and ANC do not have. Wow, so there are small, wireless, independent headphones on the market without a connecting cable that cost more than AirPodsy Pro. Incredible.

Just please do not write about the fact that cable-connected or headphones have ANC – this is a completely different category of equipment and really not everyone wants to have a cable on their neck.

AirPods have their problems – just like all other headphones

Many people say that the batteries in AirPods quickly lose their properties, and the headphones are not without structural defects. I will not defend Apple here in any way and I believe in these reports as much as possible. However, it should be remembered that it is very easy to find any negative information about the most popular wireless headphones that have fallen in love with millions of users. A little harder when it is the fifth model less known than Apple manufacturer. But here you just need to search better, because the technology portals of the topic do not move and do not make news from it. For example, I quickly gave away the purchased Jabra Elite 65t, because one of the headphones played quieter than the other. After trying on a second pair, I decided that these were the first headphones incompatible with my ears, but still on foreign forums I found people with the same problems. They sent equipment to stores, the second one played the same. One helped the update, the other was the problem that brought the update. It is not better with other manufacturers – here someone starts a fairly long thread about the fact that the headphones lose their synchronization with each other, and there is no update as it was not. Another box stopped charging.

For 2 months I tested Honor FlyPods Lite headphones costing about PLN 450. And you know what? They were tragic. They could not charge in the case, they often fell out of their ears regardless of the size of the elastic band, sounded weak, scratched quickly – and, worst of all, regardless of the smartphone (and I connected them to 5 devices), they lost connection.

And beloved by everyone AirDotsy from Xiaomi? After all, even these supertanie headphones also have problems with stereo, where they lose their synchro – but what on it can not be said a bad word, because Xiaomi, or because they are cheap? For the money, they are really great headphones, but there are a lot of better, but more expensive designs on the market.

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In many respects, AirPods are unrivaled

I have been thinking for a long time whether to buy AirPods, but I did not decide for two simple reasons – the sound of Apple headphones is very average, especially if you look at the price. The second issue is the design – I prefer in-ear headphones, I've never been on my way with earbuds.

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However, there is one thing about AirPods that makes these headphones have no competition (of course except Beats, but it's the same family). Of course, this is about the Applian chip, thanks to which the equipment is connected to devices in a completely different way than at competitors. Well, Apple headphones connect not with a computer, tablet or smartphone, but with an Apple ID. This means that switching between devices with the same Apple ID works perfectly and is ahead of classic connectivity by light years. I've tested many models of wireless headphones, including those that allow pairing more than one device, and it has never worked well. I will say more, I keep unplugging something to connect headphones to another device – and it doesn't matter if it's Android or iOS. Sooner or later each earphone will disconnect for a moment from the sound source despite the fact that they are in the ears and the phone in your pocket. Some models go crazy when I'm passing under the tram line, some can't cope when a fitness band is paired with the phone. The phone does not always see that I left the car and still wants to play music on the car radio, although it is turned off and I have to manually switch to BT headphones. The test week with regular AirPods was a week of peace and a week of comfort, which I have never had with headphones on a classic BT. Well, but the sound is so important to me that I couldn't use them every day. Therefore, I quietly hope that in this topic the Pro model will be at the level of headphones from other manufacturers and Apple will knock this argument out of the opponents of AirPods.

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