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Samsung Galaxy S and Note – the division that must disappear

This year, Koreans have focused on simplifying the line of their low- and mid-range mobile devices. In this way, they gave up all unnecessary series, thus putting on the Galaxy A line. It consists of smartphones whose name begins with A10 and ends with A90. In my opinion, such a division is really clear and everyone will be able to assess which equipment is better.

Similar changes await top-shelf devices. Recently, Evan Blass shared with the world information that Samsung intends to unify the flagship series. Interestingly, the manufacturer intends to give up Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. It sounds unbelievable, especially since both of them enjoy an excellent reputation and wide recognition. Their end may mean the need to build a brand from scratch.

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  Samsung Galaxy One

In return, Samsung intends to prepare the Galaxy One line. Sounds incredible? It is possible, but you have to admit that it would be a sensible decision. Currently Note and S are far too close. In the past, the differences between them were quite large, but now they are limited only to the size of the screen and the presence of the S-Pen stylus. In my opinion, this can be limited, because offering five top models at one moment is really unreasonable. I am of the opinion that the division into three devices, in which only the highest has a stylus, would make sense and would be more transparent to customers.

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In addition, it is necessary to release the second half of the year for another premiere. In August or October we would be learning about the next generations of folded smartphones.

Koreans focus on transparency

Yes, for now Samsung Galaxy Fold is still a curiosity, but certainly after refining it will enjoy great interest. At the same time, Samsung wants to put more and more emphasis on these models. It can't do without giving up some of the flagship devices, because otherwise it may come to normal cannibalism. The fewer the better. Looking at the sales results, it seems that offering three flagships at once is the optimal solution.

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  Samsung Galaxy One

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy One line will not appear on the market within the next two years. I think that only then Koreans will decide on such a decisive procedure. Then we should be witnessing a huge marketing campaign that will show everyone that S and Note are now One. I am only afraid that in this way the company may want to get rid of the stylus.

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