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I'm talking about this post on the site Wykop.plin which its user regretfully shares the reaction of the Polish OnePlus smartphone distributor – NTT System, which in its Allegro promotion sold OnePlus 7 Pro 15% cheaper.

I do not recommend the Allegro account of the "sklep_oneplus" user who has the audacity to call himself the official OnePlus distributor in Poland. Well, on the occasion of black friday I bought the OnePlus 7 Pro phone for PLN 2464.15. Price lower than the market price, but this is probably what Black Friday is all about. Read the statement received by all Allegro users who purchased the above telephone. I got a genadometer (…) out of scale. Such are the realities of black friday in the country with ducts and mud huts from you know what. I could buy a phone from the official website for little more. Now I have frozen money, broken humor and no phone I have been hunting all through the black week.

Here is the letter the user received today regarding his purchase:

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Since I always try to approach these types of cases with caution, I will say so – I suspect that NTT System had a promotion for this smartphone on Black Friday, but it probably did not turn it off on Saturday (30/11) and hence the idea to withdraw from the sales contract which took place the day after. However, I find the distributor's answer scandalous. Paying attention to the fact that the error was significant on Saturday, when most of the Black Friday promotions on the Polish network was extended over the entire weekend, I think at least some misunderstanding.

It is still only worse, blaming the customer that he did not realize after a 15% discount, on a weekend full of promotions, that something with this price is wrong I consider it insolent. Yet this accusation of lack of logic and drawing on life experience plunges our distributor completely.

This spoils the image for sure, it was possible to get out of this situation with a defensive hand without doing anything, because with such a reaction there is a disgust.

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