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SNES is now only a beautiful memory for many players. Kids and adults played in it in Final Fight, Street Fighter or Super Mario World. Some said Nintendo would no longer be able to repeat its own success – and yet! Managed to. The company's latest console has already dethroned many of its opponents. However, this is not the end of her conquests. It still lacks a bit to become an absolute power. Now he looks ominously at the Nintendo Entertainment System. NES boasts 61.91 million copies sold.

Everything we already know about Nintendo Switch Pro

Switch is still a bit lacking, but this console definitely did not say its last word. Nintendo couldn't forget about the brand new chicken laying golden eggs. The game library is constantly growing, becoming more and more attractive. There is no shortage of both exclusive titles and very good ports. Nintendo is also fighting to make Switch become as accessible and accessible as possible, as evidenced by the release of Switch Lite. Of course, he also manages to beat the competition. It is already a greater sales success than Xbox One, Nintendo 64 or PS Vita. Will Switch take over all its competitors (at least with Nintendo) and become the undisputed king? We'll find out over time. Has a good chance.

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Source: The verge

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