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Well done earth! Once again you managed to make a full revolution around the sun. On this occasion, we – the people – will have a big party. Everyone is invited. We will organize concerts in every big city that will be broadcast by TV stations. There will also be more modest events, such as between friends and strangers. We will get cheap champagne and as soon as the calendars in our phones indicate a change of date – we will go crazy with joy and … that's it. What will we do? Let's fireworks? Or we just go watch the neighbor release them? But it's so out of fashion. There are so many more interesting options to express joy, and we are still deciding on such antiques. What for?

New Year's Eve without fireworks is possible. Seriously.

The abandonment of traditional fireworks shows by the cities themselves is an increasing phenomenon. This year they are not firing Wrocław, Warsaw, Częstochowa, Chorzów and Kraków. Okay, but what instead? Will all these cities at midnight be covered by a curtain of silence and darkness? Will be drought and boredom, everyone will go bad and go home? Of course not. There are quite a few alternatives. One of the most popular options is the laser show. I saw one of them with my own eyes and I have to admit – it's quite impressive. Of course, you need a spec for this, as with fireworks. I'm sure your neighbor Mariusz is proud of himself when he sets fire to these four randomly selected rockets and the tears in his eye turn, when they explode with a bang in the sky, presenting maybe nice but not very complex colors. However, it is easier for me to appreciate magicians who deal with such shows on behalf of the city or big festivals. You need to create a story out of it, have a minimum of aesthetic sense and be aware of which firework will create a specific effect in the sky. The same applies to lasers. These are not randomly selected beams of light released by all residents who had a laser pointer at home and took it somewhere with them instead of irritating cats. A good show requires craftsmanship, but it's definitely worth it.

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This year, Łódź will give an interesting show. Instead of fireworks, the inhabitants will see in the sky … drones illuminated by LEDs. 300 machines will perform in the air a number of configurations in tune with the music. Among them there will be figures directly referring to Łódź and its history. Fortunately, the weather is expected to add, so the drones will probably fly without any problems. May the choreographer give his best, because the idea itself seems really interesting.

Although I haven't watched fireworks in countless amounts during my lifetime, I'm a little bored with them. How much can you fly everywhere on the same motive? I appreciate the creativity of Polish cities and I hope that the trend will continue. Of course, pets are also an important issue here. I know that during World War II, all the dogs in the world did somersaults over planes and undressed burning tanks, but let's use some sense. I have already seen animals that bear New Year's Eve quite well, but unfortunately I have also seen a lot of them that are consumed by fear and stress. Maybe I'm surrounded by poor people, but among the people I talked to about it, it's rather the norm. Even in online discussions, I am more and more often noticing comments of actually taken owners, not just Janusz, who are outraged that they will not look at the bangs from the market from afar. I also have the irresistible impression that it is much easier to clean up after drones or a laser show than after fireworks. Unless the cities leave a mountain of trash behind them, such playful people … well. For some, it is very difficult to find, let alone bend down for something that they themselves just blown up.

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All the best next year!

Fireworks are not necessary for us to live. If we can have fun without tormenting animals, and at the same time have visual benefits from it – great. It suits me and I do not understand why to insist on one dangerous tradition. May no one end up with burns at midnight, may the animals have peace of mind and may we all welcome the next year in the most beautiful way!

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