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It seems that InPost was well prepared for the pre-Christmas shopping summit, because it has just announced that it guarantees that every package sent by 18:00 on December 20 will appear in the selected Parcel Locker before Christmas Eve.

RafaƂ Brzoska, president of InPost:

We are a market leader, and this applies. We have a special offer for latecomers – if you buy something online by Friday, December 20, and your store will deliver this shipment to us no later than by 18:00 that day, we guarantee that the package will be delivered before Christmas Eve to the selected Parcel Locker. When others recommend orders up to December 15 with no delivery guarantee – we are the only ones in Poland who guarantee the delivery of Christmas presents, even if they are sent just before Christmas and we promise that all such shipments will reach the recipient on time.

Quite a bold declaration, and a stopover under the view When others recommend orders until December 15th with no delivery guarantee, it is certainly addressed to Poczta Polska, which at a recent press conference announced that to be sure of delivery of a package ordered online, it must be done by December 15.

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InPost additionally secured itself against this shopping summit with Parcel Service Points (POP), which can be quickly reached if the Parcel Locker is just full and pick up its parcel. We have two days for this.

If for some reason the package is not picked up, on the third day the courier will pick it up from POP and transport it directly to the originally selected Parcel Locker. To receive a parcel in POP, you need a phone number and a pickup code, which you previously get to your email address or in the InPost mobile application. The customer can know the status of the shipment during the entire transport and storage process by the messenger bot or Google Assistant, as well as by e-mail.

Each of these POPs was located no further than 2 km in a straight line from the parcel chosen by the clients. As a result, out of 5,000 Parcel Lockers we got 10,000. So they probably will manage, for my part I keep my fingers crossed to make it happen.

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Source: InPost.

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