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Finally, the last trailer (probably) hit the network Icelands. The previous one outlined the situation we would be dealing with in the film, and he clarified it even more. There is not much time until the premiere. It's time for the marketing campaign to start in full swing. Cinema halls will not fill themselves, right? Well, considering the cult that it has already grown Ice landmaybe they will fill up by themselves.

Frozen 2 in theaters from November 22

In the latest trailer, Disney throws a little whistle on the past of Elsa and Anna. He shows us, among other things, their relationships with parents. During the film, we will certainly learn where Elsa's powers really come from and how the queen should deal with them, so as not to go too far. It seems that the sisters will face many new challenges and dangers. They will probably have to beat them together, with the strength of self-confidence and love – as in Disney. The whole promises to be quite interesting. Let's hope that the second part will at least catch up with its predecessor, which unfortunately is not the norm among the fairy tales from this studio.

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The new trailer, unfortunately, does not show us many new heroes, nor does it reveal the secret of music. We still don't know how the main song will sound and we may not know until the movie's premiere. Reminds that I have this power from the previous part broke all popularity records. She was also awarded an Oscar. Before Iceland 2 there is a very high bar. The first part was phenomenal, it became one of the most important fairy tales for the young generation. I dare say that this is the Lion King for modern kids. The subsequent parts of the story about Simba were not such a phenomenon as the original. Whether Ice land beat The lion king in this matter?

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We must patiently wait for the premiere or, doubtfully, another trailer. The film certainly has a few more aces up its sleeve. I wonder if Elsa will finally have a romantic thread. First, there was a lot of gossip about giving her a beautiful princess, not a prince, then there were voices saying that Elsa may not have a romantic story at all. Kristen Anderon-Lopez, songwriter I have this power, she admitted that she would gladly see this version of Elsa. Most Disney princesses are defined by their love choices. Maybe Elsa will be one of the exceptions?

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