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New offer at Lajt Mobile

We will start with the main character of the title offer, i.e.Lajt Mobile. This operator has made available a new offer for one or more SIM cards on one account – Lajt lajtDUETXL.

The first number on the account costs PLN 49.99, activation of the second SIM card costs PLN 30.00, and each subsequent one – PLN 39.99. So for less than PLN 80.00, i.e. PLN 40.00 per number, we get unlimited landline and mobile calls, unlimited SMSs / MMSs and 100 GB data transfer during the day and 200 GB data transfer at night . This can be a good idea for couples living together on a subscription in a smartphone outside the home, and at home as mobile internet.

OfferNju MobileLajt Mobile
Cellular callsunlimitedunlimited
Landline callsunlimitedunlimited
SMS messagesunlimitedunlimited
MMS messagesunlimitedunlimited
Data transfer20 GB / 60 GB after 2 years to divide into two numbers100 GB by day / 200 GB by night for each number
Data roaming in EU roaming3.26 GB3.37 GB
Subscription – 1 SIM cardPLN 39.00PLN 49.99
Subscription – 2 SIM cardsPLN 48.00PLN 79.99
Subscription – 3 SIM cards87.00 PLNPLN 119.99
Subscription – 4 SIM cards96.00 PLNPLN 159.98
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Not without reason in the title of the entry appeared nju mobile, because in their offer we will also find an interesting offer for couples. In nju mobile it is cheaper, even for four numbers, but we will not receive such a packet of data for use by one number. Even if we buy an additional internet for PLN 19.00 with 20 GB per month, after two years 60 GB, a total of 120 GB to divide. We will not reach 100 GB per number, even if we take a separate number for mobile internet for 29.00 PLN with 40 GB in a month, after two years 120 GB, total 180 GB for distribution, and without 200 GB for the number to be used at night.

Here I will quote an important record from the Lajt Mobile regulations, 200 GB at night applies if we have an active daily package:

The subscriber has the option of using the 100 GB basic package from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Data transfer from the 200 GB additional package is available from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Packages are not exchangeable and their use is billed independently. Using the 200 GB additional package is only possible if the 100 GB package is not used. If you use the 100 GB basic package, the 200 GB additional package is not available.

What other differences? This time in favor of the Orange sub-brand – in nju mobile we have roaming in the EU without restrictions like in Lajt Mobile. Admittedly in lajcie we are entitled to a similar data roaming packet, but when it comes to calls and messages, we have a 50 SMS limit and 50 minutes, after which the National Bonus will cease to apply and we will be charged an additional PLN 20.00 fee for the subscription.

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New offer in Otvarta

Otvarta has also prepared a novelty in its offer, but not as a new tariff, but an increase from 11 GB of data transfer to 21 GB, without raising the price in the O! Tariff Best !.

There is basically no way to compare this offer to any other available on the market. If you do not use SMS / MMS at all, the cheapest option for unlimited cell and landline calls and for such a large data packet – 21 GB, is the perfect option for a second SIM card in a smartphone that supports Dual SIM.

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