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Mr. Creator The robot takes on Battlestar Galactica

NBC Universal announced today that it intends to launch its own streaming service – Peacock next April. Apart from the question of whether anyone needs another VOD service, it's worth considering that Universal has a fairly substantial library of titles. It includes Battlestar Galactica, a science-fiction series that was broadcast in 2003-2009. Lovers of this title will certainly be pleased that BSG will return in a new version thanks to the creator of the series Mr. Robot. Esmail himself has already emphasized that he is a fan of the original series and intends to resume it in cooperation with the author of the original from 2003.

In a distant part of the galaxy, human civilization formed a federation of twelve planets, known as the Twelve Colonies. Research on artificial intelligence led to the creation of a race of cybernetic machines – Cylon. Their rebellion led to a devastating conflict. After years of struggle, the Cylons withdrew and disappeared into space, but the war was not over. Decades later, they decided to attack again. With the help of a Baltar, the Cylons gained access to the defense systems of the Twelve Colonies and launched an assault, as a result of which the human race was almost completely destroyed. One old-style battle ship – "Battlestar Galactica" – and a number of civilian ships survived the pogrom. Under the command of Commander Adam, the survivors undertake the task of finding the semi-mythical Thirteenth Colony, also known as Earth. – Wikipedia

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not know any further details. It is also unknown at what stage the whole project is, but it can probably be safely assumed that it will not be possible to start it at the start of the mentioned VOD platform. Battlestar Galactica is certainly a well-known brand, but I'm afraid it's not enough to fight for customers with such big names as Netflix, Disney, Apple or HBO. However, this should not prevent avid fans from buying access for a few months, because I am afraid that more and more platforms will start to release subsequent episodes of their series at weekly intervals to guarantee the continuous presence of subscribers.

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