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The first reviews of Surface Pro X show that while Windows 10 itself works quite well, just like applications written specifically for the ARM processor, it is very poor with emulated ones. Everything is snails, and the usual photo processing in one of Adobe applications is a hassle. It's a pity, because the great display and stylus seem to be the perfect set for editing photos. The worst thing is that we won't run 64 bit applications at all. Some game? Forget.

The offer of native applications is also very modest, and the Microsoft store is not prepared to search for those compatible with Surface Pro X, although this is expected to improve in the future. And if that wasn't enough, out of the 13 hours promised during the premiere, in practice it is possible to reach 7-8. The plus is that the battery can be recharged relatively quickly, but I expected much more from the ARM processor. Even the built-in LTE modem does not save the situation. The price also does not encourage. It's a pity, because I promised myself a lot after Qualcomm 8cx, and it came out as usual and history repeats itself again …

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Surface Laptop 15 is no better

Unfortunately, Surface Pro X is not the only new Microsoft device that has its problems. The same is true for Surface Laptop 15. The giant from Redmond puts in this case on AMD, which prepared a dedicated processor from the Ryzen family on this occasion. Ryzen 5 3580 is unfortunately a 3rd generation processor in name only. This is still a system using Zen + cores produced in lithography 12 nm and has little to do with systems that premiered in July. And, unfortunately, this is clearly seen in performance tests, where a relatively strong graphics system – Vega 9 – can also be felt.

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