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The previous Surface Laptop 2 was quite loud, but incredibly comfortable. I am a really big supporter of it and I am glad that Microsoft did not follow a similar path as Apple and did not prepare almost completely flat design of the key. These 1.3 mm is the optimal value and although it requires some habits, it still works great.

Let's return to the screen, though, although the difference between 13 ″ and 15 ″ on paper is only 2 inches, in practice it means that working with two program windows next to each other or editing photos in Lightroom is a completely different matter. Browsing the web is also slightly nicer if you visit more multimedia websites. Not everyone needs this space, but if it matters to you, choosing between 13 and 15 should not be too difficult. The more that in terms of weight and thickness of the computer will not change much. The surface of the laptop is obviously increasing, but you already know that.

It is difficult to assess the performance of Surface Laptop 3 and the time of work on one charge hot, but so far in both cases I do not feel disappointed. On the contrary, I didn't reach for the charger as soon as I thought, and I haven't experienced performance problems (yet?). Just in case, Microsoft added a quick charge function from 0 to 80% in about an hour, which for many people will be key when working in the field. I am happy to find out how much I need it in a laptop, not just a smartphone, so far.

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At the very beginning of the tests, however, I have to mention my biggest expectations for Surface Laptop 4. Yes, I am beginning to think slowly about the next generation of this device. All because Microsoft has not yet tempted to equip it with a touchpad with similar operating principles as the trackpad in MacBooks. Yes, compared to Surface Laptop 2 the difference is immediately noticeable and noticeable – it is larger and not so loud – but I definitely look forward to the moment when the mechanical elements will be replaced by a plate with a haptic engine.

It is also impossible not to mention the great absentee, i.e. Alcantara material. Although it is an extremely nice and unique add-on, Microsoft has decided to allow the purchase of Surface Laptop in a version without it. As a result, the surface appearance of the Surface Laptop 3 can be even more severe when the computer is deprived of one of the most characteristic elements. I will not say, I miss it a bit under the wrists, which rested more comfortably on the laptop case, but on the other hand the design is now more durable and resistant to dirt, splashes and other similar situations. After a long period of use, the computer may look like new, but with Alcantara it would be hard to achieve.

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On the one hand, not much has changed, but on the other, almost everything has changed. I have been experiencing these changes for several dozen hours andI'm excited because of the housing that collects dust and prints at every step, which is very difficult to get rid of.

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