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We wrote about the case in September, just after Build 2019, when Microsoft actually only "mentioned" that nothing prevents Microsoft Edge from landing also on people who do not use Windows on their PCs. At that time, however, Edge's public tests on Chromium were in their early stages and the community was based on a huge amount of understatement. Anyway, and Microsoft itself was not very specific in his statements. However, for us it was a very clear signal: the chance for the Linux Edge is and "yes for" we opened some champagne. Apparently not for nothing, because the official announcement is. Term? A truly Microsoft, but more on that in a moment.

At this point, Microsoft seems to be in the process of setting design requirements for Microsoft Edge running Linux. Not without significance is the support of the community centered around the Microsoft browser: Sean Larkin, the technical program manager in the team responsible for this product recently published a survey strictly regarding the process of creating Microsoft Edge for Linux systems. So the plans are – and they are very serious. Microsoft, if he absolutely did not think about bringing Edge to a foreign platform, he would not ask anyone for his opinion. But it is worth emphasizing that the current phase of work indicates that we will not see the Linux version in a month or two. I bet that it will be the first half of next year soon, certainly not before.

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Microsoft Edge on Linux. Term? soon

During the State of the Browser session at Ignite 2019, Microsoft said unequivocally: Microsoft Edge will go on Linux and enough. When will it appear? As I wrote in the headline: "soon". This term is a very common phenomenon in Microsoft and all in all, I am not particularly surprised by this rhetoric – contrary to appearances, Microsoft Edge operating on Chromium is quite a large project – both in terms of development and dynamically working around this marketing.

It is uncertain whether Microsoft Edge version for Linux will appear at all on January 15, when this product will be available much more widely as RC for Windows and macOS. If I had to say anything more about it, I would just shoot and I don't want to do it. There is simply no data that would allow me to take any position, or even propose a "range" in which Microsoft could fit.

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Long live the cool Microsoft

Really, it's been very good for some time. I am able to forgive the giant even if he sometimes breaks Windows 10 update. Android phones are getting along better with windows, Edge on Chromium is cool and will be just as cool on macOS (AND LINUX!), Everything is going as it should. As I mentioned in the previous text, it looks like a period of cleanup, but just major changes in this company – fortunately for the better, above all for users.

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