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The Productivity and Business Processes department grew primarily thanks to the Office 365 and LinkedIn services. Commercial products and services around the Office increased by 16%. Revenues from office 365 Commercial services have already increased by 21 percent year-on-year. LinkedIn generated 24 percent of profits while the number of sessions in the period under consideration increased by a quarter. This is proof that after purchasing a professional social networking site, Microsoft has an idea for it and in addition to developing its potential, it is also able to cash it.

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Revenue from office services and products for individual clients increased by 19 percent year-on-year. Microsoft boasts that there are as many as 37.2 million customers using Office 365 Consumer at this time. Believe me, it's really a lot, considering that basically home consumers can "do without" Office, using even Google Docs. However, some cannot imagine creating documents without the Microsoft package.

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The cloud continues to push Microsoft forward

Cloud and server products together increased by an amazing 30 percent year-on-year. This is due to a 62% increase in Azure. Server solutions increased by 10%, mainly thanks to the end of support for Windows Server 2008. Revenues from corporate services, on the other hand, increased by 6% – really not bad.

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