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In January 2020, support for Windows 7 will end. Users of this system will see notifications about it from April 18. Microsoft recommends updating to Windows 10.

The notification is shown immediately after starting the system. It contains the exact end date of Windows 7 support (January 14, 2020) and a link to additional information.

Update the system, preferably with the entire computer
The explanation supplied by Microsoft contained information, which means the end of support. Technical support will not be provided in case of problems, there will be no new updates or security patches. This in turn means that Windows 7 can be used at your own risk and you have to reckon with the fact that we are potentially vulnerable.

Microsoft recommends updating to Windows 10 as soon as possible, and because the new system will work best on new hardware … also buying a new computer.

Of course, the “Not remind me more” option is also in the notification window. If not checked, the notification will show again, probably in a few days.

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Who will miss the Seven?

Certainly many people will miss one of the better-rated Microsoft operating systems. According to NetMarketShare, the desktop is still more popular than Windows 10. The difference is at the level of one percentage point, but it is.

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