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Microsoft Defender is currently the most popular antivirus program on Windows 10. The Microsoft program protects over half a billion devices. Microsoft argues that the choice is justified. Microsoft Defender is not only installed with the system, but also provides high-quality protection, which Microsoft boasts regularly.

Microsoft Defender (until recently Windows Defender) did not have an easy beginning, but now Microsoft attaches great importance to cyber security. It is not a week that his blog does not include a report from the Microsoft ATP department, describing advanced and dangerous attacks, which were able to stop thanks to cloud systems and programs on clients’ computers.

Artificial Intelligence is the mother of success

By the way, Microsoft argues that well-taught artificial intelligence will cope where conventional anti-viruses fail. Thanks to machine learning, Astaroth has been beaten – fileless malware attacking companies in Brazil, using WMIC commands, among others.

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Microsoft uses a monotonic model of machine learning, resistant to false data. Even if the malware has a “cover” in the form of correct behavior, this model will not learn them. LockerGoga ransomware that stopped Norsk Hydro used this disguise – it was signed with a real certificate, probably stolen.

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Microsoft Defender on half of Windows computers

The ATP laboratory manager Tanmay Ganacharya in a statement for Zdnet admitted that the success of Windows Defender is due to investments in the cloud and artificial intelligence.

“Microsoft Defender already has more than 50 percent. participation in protecting the Windows ecosystem. This means that on over half a billion computers, Microsoft Defender in active protection mode is the main anti-virus. He is currently in the lead, “said Ganacharya.

It is also a reason to worry. “We are a big target and everyone wants to bypass us to attack as many targets as possible,” he added. However, Microsoft predicted that this could happen and has long invested in adequate defense. According to him, the biggest threats are fileless attacks, attacks on the supply chain and phishing.

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