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If I am to indicate my favorite messenger, I will answer without hesitation the same: Telegram. Apart from Signal, it is the safest proposition I know, and when it comes to using the platform itself, it is extremely affordable. Available on every leading platform, with light and convenient applications, excellent functions at your fingertips, and also available in the browser. And, most importantly, constantly updated and developed. And we've just got a giant new package that should satisfy even the biggest whims!

Telegram with a whole set of news: from the theme editor, through message planning and more

The first of the new – and one that the creators are apparently incredibly proud of – is the new theme editor marked with 2.0 digits. In the end, the users got much bigger configuration options and almost every element can be adapted to their own vision: from backgrounds, main colors, messages … all in one color or effective gradients. The work effects can be saved and shared with the interlocutors. And when we're at the skins, it's also worth remembering about the new predefined skins.

  The new version of Google Chrome for Android will have an additional dark theme!
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