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Mario Kart, but not Mario Kart

I will immediately point out that I am a huge fan of the brand and spent tens (hundreds?) Hours with her on various platforms. To this day, we are playing meetings with friends in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – and we still have not found a better party game for four. Works great for both short sessions and longer sessions. The expectations of Mario Kart Tour were huge. And it began with servers not working for several hours after the start (well, it could happen who could predict that people would throw themselves on a new mobile from Nintendo) and … with great surprise how the wrong driving model was presented on smartphones.

In Mario Kart Tour, our heroes automatically go ahead – in options we can include the assistant intelligent control, automatic drift and attack drawn items. By default, we control using simple gestures smudging your finger on the screen, but you can also use the accelerator built-in smartphones. How comfortable is it – the problem is that the driving model is so unpleasant, coarse and unintuitive that … even Super Mario Kart from SNES (released 27 years ago!) Fits with it perfectly. And since the gameplay turned out to be so disappointing, it's a sign that I won't devote many hours of my life to it anyway. But looking into the menu – until the hair bristled on my head.

  Artificial human skin as an interface element. See her in the case and trackpad
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