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On Little women I waited with great interest. I am not a fan of this novel, but I like most of the crew that worked on the film. Greta Gerwig is responsible for the direction and screenplay (Lady bird Frances Ha). The cast also impresses. The film will include Saoirse Ronan (Angel's nostalgy, Intruder), Emma Watson (Harry Potter. Beauty and the Beast), Florence Pugh (Midsommar. In broad daylight. Outlaw King), Timothee Chalamet (Those days, those nights. My beautiful son), Meryl Streep (The devil dresses with Prada. Hours) or Laura Dern (A big lie. Wild at Heart). With such a talented team, it's hard not to foretell success. Anyway! Critics bode for this success from the very beginning. They were not wrong. Little women was flooded with numerous nominations for prestigious awards – including Oscars. After watching the movie, it's hard for me to argue with that

Little women it is a calm and suffering tale

This is not a movie full of action, chases and explosions. If you are bored with calm stories and human relationships, do not get to watch. You will only waste time and unnecessarily get angry at this great team. All fans of building relationships and transmitting truth and family warmth on the screen should go to the cinema instead. For some reason, the nineteenth century novel on the basis of which the film was made, they are still printing and constantly adapting again. This story just has a spell to it. Gerwing decided to show us sisters at two times. We watch events from two perspectives throughout the film. Present and a few years ago. Of course, flashbacks help us understand the way of thinking of individual characters, understand the relationship that entwined between them. The flashbacks are warm, nostalgic – also in a purely technical way of showing them. The present is cooler, blue and real. Together with the girls, we realize a passing childhood, we feel cruel growing up in our own bones and we bear the consequences of adulthood.

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Feature leaps help strengthen cause-and-effect sequences between distant events. Gerwing first gives us ready-made solutions on a tray, and then puts our thinking in doubt. The world is not black and white. None of the sisters is perfect, neither is cruel or mean. The most annoying family members can turn out to be our warmth and salvation, while the rock sometimes breaks and shows its flaws. There is also a political commentary. The main axis, of course, is the situation of women in the 19th century, which … well. It was not the easiest for them, it did not open virtually any door for them. Gerwing adds this story to the universality, showing that women of all ages and every moment of history should be able to fight for themselves, following their own dreams. Each of the sisters is different, has different talents and wants something completely different. The differences between them are being discussed, which clearly shows us that none of them deserved to be suppressed. Neither by men nor by other women.

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Little women they are great and fight for their own

Gerwing did a great job. Each actress showed everything she has the best to offer. I appreciate them, I believe them and want more of them. Especially Laura Dern! Dear Hollywoood, please kick her out of the background for the action center. She deserved it. Little women I recommend to see everyone who wants a little rest. Relax from the hustle and bustle of your own world, from suppressing emotions. Go to the cinema with someone close or wait for the opportunity to watch the production at home. This is one of those movies that will be great to watch under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa. You will feel everything that can improve your evening. Amusement, understanding and even a drop of harmless boredom and emotion.

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