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Chrome OS is not one of the most popular operating systems in US. Despite this, he has a group of supporters, to which I belong. Of course, I am far from claiming that it can successfully replace any other operating system on personal computers. Simply in specific cases, such as writing, it more than fulfills its task. In addition, it is extremely light, thanks to which even relatively weak devices work very well on it.

Chrome OS applications with VPN support

One of the more complex parts of integrating Android applications with the Chrome OS operating system was access to the network. It took some time to adapt the best VPN network running on the operating system from Google to the application for Android. Fortunately, VPN support for applications running in the Linux container has already arrived. Finally, the Chrome OS 76 operating system (currently in the Dev / Canary department) allows Linux applications to run under any VPN, regardless of whether it is an Android application or the Chrome extension. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Gnome Web browser on Linux works through a VPN server in Canada established by the ProtonVPN application for Android.

  Cloudflare mobile VPN now available on iOS and Android

As a result, the security of devices running under Chrome OS will increase significantly. In addition, they will find a much wider use in business. One should also not forget that access to VPN, especially in Europe, may prove to be necessary in the future, taking into account the efforts of EU authorities to censor the Internet.

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