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Such computer capabilities can also be used in many other ways, for example using a touch screen in applications from the Windows Store – there are plenty of educational programs for users of all ages, so you can confidently reach for applications for drawing, coloring, supplementing, counting, matching ( symbols etc.). This means that the computer can be used by students of all ages, and its specifications and versatility will prevent it from aging too quickly and can be used throughout the various stages of education.

For slightly older students, the note taking applications are certainly recommendable, such as the free and extremely powerful OneNote that Microsoft provides. The application has undergone a lot of changes and now works perfectly with other platforms – notes created on your computer, including handwritten ones, can be viewed and edited on mobile devices, while on the move you can easily gather materials from the Web from various sources and in various formats, later on use all of them on your computer to prepare a presentation, folder, or other multimedia content.

  Oppo will talk about 5G and news in the world of technology. What future awaits us?

The material was created in cooperation with the Lenovo brand

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