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The offices have already finished their work today, but there are those which will take into account applications submitted until midnight.

The service of electronic adding to the electoral roll will be available until October 8 (Tuesday) until midnight. But beware, some offices, based on the position of the National Electoral Commission, can only consider applications that will reach them during working hours! Therefore, all persons who send electronic applications after office hours and before midnight should make sure that their application has been accepted for consideration. So it's best to call and ask.

So, all latecomers who currently live outside their place of residence, or will be in another town for the time of the elections, can now try to add to the voter list in their location online – (Trusted Profile or e-ID with reader required).

However, be sure to check by phone tomorrow whether such an application has been correctly submitted and accepted. If not, you will lose the opportunity to vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections outside your place of residence. It will no longer be possible to do this even in person at the Municipal Office in a given location.

Be sure to check before the election whether you have been added to the voter list. The application contains a request to notify you by e-mail that you have been added to the voter list. If you do not receive a response within 3 days, contact the office – for example, by phone, in person or by means of a general letter.

The last option to vote outside the place of residence will be to download the certificate of the right to vote, but we will only receive it in the municipality of your place of residence.

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