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JPM Coin because this is called cryptocurrency created by the American bank JPMorgan Chase (JPM) commanded by Jamie Dimon, is the first cryptocurrency created by the American financial institution. The first tests of cryptocurrencies are to start within a few months.

JPM Coin is to increase billing efficiency, it will initially focus on international billing of large corporations, helping to accelerate transactions that currently last a day or more using existing options such as SWIFT.

JPM Coin is to have a structure similar to well-known stablecoins, that is, the value of one token will correspond to one US dollar. In addition, cryptocurrency will probably never be available for trading by individual investors, rather only large corporations will use it.

Ceo JP Morgan / Jamie Dimon

Undoubtedly, this is a big step towards the global adoption of blockchain technology, it remains only to wait for a similar step from other financial institutions.

Video : Jamie Dimon talks bitcoin

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