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Portal campaign Indiegogo just started, but has already been fully funded and there is no doubt that the JBL REFLECT Eternal headphones will be created. At present, over 700 units have already been sold and less than that is still available. The first volunteers could place orders for USD 75, the next group after USD 99, and the last 600 pieces will be available for USD 129. The market price of these headphones is expected to be USD 165.

Okay, but how do they stand out? JBL REFLECT Eternal are over-ear wireless headphones using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which are also equipped with a microphone and can be used for making phone calls. They have a built-in battery and a USB Type-C port to charge it, but the manufacturer maintains that most of the energy needed for operation can be drawn from the sun and other, even artificial light sources.

All thanks to the Powerfoyle material, which is able to recover energy from photons and power the built-in battery. According to the manufacturer, to enjoy 3.5 hours of operation, just spend about 2.5 hours outdoors. Alternatively, you can charge them with a cable and recover at least 2 hours of work within 15 minutes. JBL estimates that with an average daily use of 3.5 hours after only 2.5 hours of charging with light energy, they are supposed to allow continuous operation without having to charge with a cable.

On the headband there are LEDs indicating the state of charge of the battery, and on one of the earpads are buttons for controlling music and answering / ending phone calls. So these are standard wireless headphones, with the only difference that you will have to charge them with a cable much less often than usual. If the experiment is successful, then it can be expected that soon this solution will become more common.

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