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In my time, the story behind Jazz Jackrabbit (still on DOS) and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (Windows, MacOS) was not important. What mattered was the methodical breakup, overcoming levels, smashing bosses and just having fun. Jazz Jackrabbit from Epic MegaGames is a series that could wait for the "three" and become a cult trilogy. And so in history, we only have a duo that has forever etched into the memory of, among others, people like me. Jazz was not the first platform game in my computer life and not the last. Certainly not the only one liked.

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Jazz Jackrabbit (both parts) differed from other platformers mainly due to the speed of the game. Epic MegaGames has probably always had a tendency to create really dynamic titles: after the "second" Jazz we had such pearls as Unreal and then Unreal Tournament (Deck 16 on LAN …). It was playing. Ah, it played.

The player's task was: smashing enemies in all ways, avoiding obstacles, jumping from platform to platform, and of course getting rid of bosses. For all this, the player was rewarded with the opportunity to move to a higher level and of course with points. I do not know anyone who would race for their number gathered in the game, but … all in all good and that. You could also play Lori (in Secret Files and Christmas Chronicles add-ons) for Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and it was actually a combination of Jazz and Spaza. In my opinion, the "weakest" playable character.

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The game was really fun

And not just to the first pass. Each other was equally interesting, although of course the game got bored after some time. However, in those days I also had such titles as Little Big Adventure 2, Fallout, Fallout 2 – there was something to play. I absolutely did not complain. As I mentioned earlier – it was characterized primarily by dynamics – and from the first part, when very fast, fast platformers were not a special standard. What's more, one and two were also characterized by an interesting visual setting, as well as poor sound quality.

Jazz Jackrabbit

Jazz Jackrabbit 3 was supposed to appear, whose mission was to introduce the series into the 3D world, but … it failed. Gathering of Developers, the publisher of the "two" was to refuse to release the next part because of the allegedly poor financial results of the previous part (which was hardly true). Much more likely is that Jazz3D was just as weak as a snake's ass and the Epic Games / World Tree Games duo did not try this time. Anyway, it seems to me that Jazz would lose a lot on switching to 3D. In the first installment of Worms 3D it did not succeed, Jazz would probably be similar.

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