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Google Watch blacklisted

According to the latest information from Business Insider, Google had very serious plans to launch its own smartwatch. It would be quite reasonable to play, given that Americans wanted to provide their own smartphones, tablets and laptops. Adding wearables to this seemed to be the logical next step. However, the company withdrew from this. Initially, the Mountain View giant planned to present its timepiece in 2016.

However, it turns out that Google Watch did not impress anyone at the design stage. A former Google employee said that the hardware prototype was unsatisfactory to anyone in terms of appearance and capabilities, so it became clear that there was only one thing to do with it: removal. Interestingly, the project was canceled at the last minute. Certainly it was a well thought-out decision resulting from the desire to save on unnecessary projects. The then new head of the hardware department, Rick Osterloh, also canceled Project Ara, which assumed the creation of modular smartphones, and several potential collaborations in connection with Google Glasses.

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LG Watch Sport

It is worth adding, however, that the project itself was not wasted. It turns out that many things have been transferred to the watches of their close partner: LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. Well, at least that's how it turned out. In my opinion, canceling Google Watch was a good move. The Wear OS market is really small and from now on it is only doing worse. Compared to Samsung and their Tizen and Apple from Watch OS, the proposal from Mountain View presents poorly in the sets. It is no wonder then that the manufacturer prefers to focus now on buying hybrid watch technology for Fossil for $ 40 million. Maybe we'll find out more about it in October.

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Focus on profitable projects

Google has taken a good direction recently. The Pixel line is developing well and finally its representative on the medium shelf made its debut. Now you can see that Americans have ceased to be a company focusing on technological experiments and everything fashionable, focusing on things that bring some profit. The new generation of Google Glass augmented reality glasses is a great example.

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I wonder how Google will develop its equipment offer in the coming months. We will certainly learn more at the upcoming conference, during which new flagships will debut: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. I think Americans will want to surprise us in this respect, so it's really worth the wait. The future of Chrome OS laptops promises to be particularly interesting to me.

* in the title picture of Apple Watch

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