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The act referred to in the introduction has already been called the Lex Uber Act because it mainly concerns the drivers of this company. Equaling them in rights and obligations with taxi drivers is to take place in their entirety, and so they will have to get first of all a license to transport people, which was a frequent problem for taxi drivers.

But not only, one of the equally repeated allegations by them is the fact that Uber or Bolt drivers did not have to have a cash register or taximeters. From the new year this obligation will also be removed from taxi drivers, so everyone will be able to settle accounts with passengers or corporations using the mobile application.

What else? The obligation to take exams in city topography will be abolished, you will no longer need to apply for a license with a certificate of completing training in road transport by taxi, confirmed by passing an exam confirming knowledge of the topography of the city and local law. In addition, the license obtained by the driver will not be assigned to your car, but to the specific area in which the taxi driver will provide his services.

Thus, equal rights for all – only clean and healthy price competition will remain. Major brokers in Poland are getting ready for it, so FREE NOW and iTaxi.

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A common problem with taxi drivers was that even if we ordered a course via the FREE NOW or iTaxi application with the estimated fare, it could change radically somewhere along the way. And it was the taxi driver who wanted to bypass the traffic jam and accidentally left the zone, and even this zone could change itself or the taxi driver simply forgot to switch to the right one.

Lite service in FREE NOW

FREE NOW was the first to react to this when they used the old name – myTaxi and launched the Lite service at the beginning of February this year. It was a kind of revolution, passengers using it, after all, could be sure of the final price for the journey, even before entering the taxi, and this is because the price displayed in the application with this service was guaranteed.

At the beginning, taxi drivers also enjoyed it, because myTaxi returned the difference in costs with Lite versus normal taximeter ride. The problem began when these costs had to be shared. It turned out then that in order to use the Lite service you had to show real patience, because suddenly after choosing it the taxi drivers disappeared and sank into the ground. These are not only my experiences, but also many of you who shared yours under the entry about the popularity of the FREE NOW Lite service.

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Ticket service in iTaxi

iTaxi does not want to lag behind in this respect and has also just released a similar service called iTaxi Ticket. An interesting name, although it somehow reflects the idea of ​​this service. Similarly, as we buy a train ticket, we pay a certain amount for it from a point A to point B, which does not change during this journey.

It will be similar in iTaxi, regardless of whether after the route we fall into another zone or tariff, the price of the ride will not change, we will pay as much as the application showed us when we chose the iTaxi ticket.

The question remains, of course, how taxi drivers driving for iTaxi will behave at the moment, if it turns out that, as in the case of FREE NOW, it may turn out that this service will be hardly available to a wider group of passengers and will not meet its main assumption, i.e. customers from Uber or Bolt.

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