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I have already mentioned my friends many times – just when choosing the 10 best episodes of the series. But even though I saw him many times, I didn't really delve into his history, all I knew about him so far was the knowledge gained from episodes and additional materials that were available on the European edition of BD. "Friends. The one about the best series in the world ”is a book recently published on the Polish market by Kelsey Miller. Reaching for it had mixed feelings. Often, such books are simply cute album-laurels that are simply based on the popularity of the topic they concern. But after reading the book, Miller, as a lover of the series, I was really satisfied. And I must admit that I got more from this reading than I expected.

Friends series

An unusual series that was created in unusual times

All friends of his fans know that Friends are an extraordinary series. Yes, he has his better and worse moments – just like the actors playing the main roles, which can be seen with the naked eye. It perfectly fit into its time, perfectly showed a little-real and a little-dreamed Manhattan of past years. Fantastically written heroes, uncomplicated life situations. That was enough to attract TVs and make viewers all over the world fall in love. Kelsey Miller in "Friends. The one about the best series in the world ”looks at various aspects of the series, guides the reader through its history. And from the very beginning: germination of the idea, searching for actors of the main roles and castings. Later, he guides us through the history of individual seasons, looks at the changes of heroes, reaches for interviews with authors and a whole set of archival magazines and information. He talks to the people who co-created this story, wandered around the film set and thanks to that they had a lot of information firsthand.

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Friends – a series in which it is also worth considering the circumstances in which it was made

Friends debuted on television in 1994. These were times when people had at most VHS at home, and the Internet was a creation for the chosen ones. The world looked different then: the distribution was different, the approach to celebrities and television as such was different. The series have triumphed and gathered millions of viewers from around the world every evening. But this does not mean that they were interested whatever. Kelsey Miller telling about the series Friends – wanting or not, must also tell something about the fight of television giants for the attention of viewers – and thanks to this layer this book was even more valuable for me. Because apart from that I had a chance to learn more about one of my favorite series, look behind the scenes and find out why it ended after 10 seasons. It was not true that the lie that had been repeated for years on the web was that the reason was the quarrels of the actors of the main roles and the increasing money they wished for the episode of the series.

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"Friends. The one about the best series in the world ”is the story of Friends and much more

Several days have passed since I finished reading the book "Friends. The one about the best series in the world. " And the longer I think about her, the more I become convinced that this is not just a position for Friends fans. This is a publication that all serial maniacs can easily reach – no matter if they like Chandler, Phoebe and the company, or have never been carried away by their magic. Who knows, maybe later they will be tempted to verify the information there and be persuaded to watch these 236 episodes. After finishing the book, I admit without beating, I started Netflix and watch again – in my free time trying to check the sources referred to in the book Miller. There is a lot of it!

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