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Let's start with what the "smart assistant" or "voice assistant" is.

An automatic personal assistant or intelligent personal assistant is a mobile software that can perform tasks or provide services on behalf of the user based on a combination of user input, location information and access to information from various internet sources

Source: Wikipedia (English, own translation)

A very good, because general definition does not exclude the development of the assistant towards modules, i.e. actions added by e.g. programmers developing the possibilities of software based on a voice interface (two-way). We know what an Assistant is. Cool. But what exactly does he do?

If it only supports a function, it can perform it. I use the Assistant every day and every day something happens that doesn't work. Something just isn't right. I try to do something completely new, out of boredom I try to talk to the Google Assistant (this is the best possible example) and sometimes my hands fall down. After all, this is not the best companion to talk (neither in English nor in Polish).

What do I expect from a voice assistant?

That he would do it to me at a moment when I did not even think that I could be relieved. That's what I miss in the Google Assistant. Ok, it's nice that Google Maps can detect an obstacle in the form of traffic jams and suggest an alternative route. But my assistant is inactive until I launch it. Does nothing at all. As if he wasn't there at all.

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What's more, the whole idea of ​​voice communication with an assistant is strange in my opinion. Can you imagine going down the street and "talking on the phone", that he would call his father, delete emails from the SPAM folder, check Microsoft's NASDAQ listings and save them in Keep, and after that he turned on "Do not disturb"? Exactly. It looks weird. You can talk to your assistant at home, in silence when you are alone. In the office? There is no chance. On the street? Not really. In the car … it's better. And that's what I'm doing

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I would be delighted if I received a list from my phone every day: go this way to work, it will be faster. Today's refueling prices at gas stations are so much and so, this is the cheapest and most likely, go there after work, but around 16:30 – there will be the smallest traffic and you will have time for English classes. Your TV was on all night – you fell asleep next to it. Also, with the help of a loudspeaker, I registered that you were snoring, it is possible that you have apnea (I just know): see a doctor. I also registered that yesterday you promised my mother that you would call back around 12:30 – should I remind you about it? You know, such a hub with a summary for the whole day ahead.

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Invasive what?

Invasive as hell, but with intelligent assistants, I've never made compromises. I thought and still think that if the machine is to be an assistant for me, it should know as much as possible about me. In the context of privacy, I have my opinion (I have nothing to hide, I am able to sacrifice a lot for convenience (because this is generally the price of using such services), probably very different from yours.

So what am I missing from my current voice assistants? Proactivity, even a little … pushiness every day. I forget many things because I live very fast. I miss a lot of things, because a lot of things distract me. If such an assistant were able to sort it out and remind me of some nuances at the right time – it would be beautiful.

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