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The last month is quite a loud period when it comes to the issue of the use of children in social media. Of course, the most popular action takes place on YouTube, but the latest research throws not too favorable light on Instagram. What is going on?

A report published by the National Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) indicates that the highest percentage of crimes concerning the so-called grooming is done using the title platform. The above concept means, among others act of building an emotional relationship with a child in order to gain his trust so they can use child sexually.

The data shows that such crimes are carried out 70 percent using social networking sites. Instagram accounts for 32 percent of cases, Facebook 23 percent, and Snapchat 14 percent. All information was obtained from the police, so you can not talk about cheated statistics here.

What’s more, in the last year acts of the so-called grooming was carried out 200 percent more often than in 2017. These figures are overwhelming evidence that child safety is becoming more and more vulnerable and that these facts can not be ignored in any way.

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After the publication of the report, the company in the form of Facebook stated that it removes 99.2 percent of the content related to the use or nudity of children even before being reported by users. The algorithm that has been entrusted to this task is reportedly being refined all the time.

The NSPCC director also claims that politicians must enter the game and also help in the fight against such crimes on the social media scene.

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