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I know that InPost had its bad period and has several unpopular decisions behind it, especially after losing the tender for court shipments with Poczta Polska. However, since they focused only on the Polish market and the expansion of the Paczkomaty network, everything has come back on track and it is hard to fault them now. Of course, there are still mishaps, dissatisfied customers, packages circulating between Paczkomaty or warehouses, but this is inscribed in the activities of courier operators, it happens to everyone.

The mere expansion of the Paczkomaty network is not everything that is happening now in InPost, I will only remind you of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding the business to Lodykomaty or activities typically focused on customers and the decision to opt out of SMSs in favor of codes from the application, and even lower prices for shipments , which was quite a surprise, because it is unheard of in the era of rising prices for services.

Remote box opening in InPost parcel lockers

Now the time has come for another novelty that should convince customers even more to use the InPost mobile application, thanks to which there will be no need to approach the panel with the display in the Parcel Locker and enter codes from an e-mail or SMS (some of you they reported under the last post that despite retiring from them, they still come to your phone.) You will also not need to scan QR codes.

We are pleased to announce that our new, improved InPost Mobile 2.0 application with the revolutionary function of remote opening of the locker in Paczkomaty has just started. At InPost, we put the customer in the center, valuing his convenience above all. It was mainly the maximization of the convenience of parcel collection at Paczkomaty that drove us to create a new version of the application. We are convinced that this is also an important step towards increasing the security offered by the application itself.

Most importantly, you will use the new function in the application in almost every Parcel Locker, currently in 95%, so you can talk about bad luck if you do not find one.

How to use the new remote locker function? When the package is already in our Parcel Locker, we will receive a notification in the application about the possibility of its collection and in the details of the package we will find the option – Open the box remotely. In addition to opening it automatically, our specific box will be highlighted in the application itself. I suspect that it is in case that several people suddenly found themselves at the same moment by the Parcel Locker and at the same time open their boxes in this way.

A new price list for the Service Receivables for parcels 24/7 parcels

That's not all from InPost, from November 18, a new price list will come into effect when paying for cash on delivery in a Parcel Locker, in the service cash on delivery (COD).

Newly, business customers who have signed a contract with InPost, in place of the current fee of 1.3% of the value of the collection will pay a fixed flat fee of 1.50 PLN net. In turn, customers without a signed contract PLN 2.99 net.

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The new price list will be updated automatically, without having to change the contract.

On the other hand, of the planned novelties, InPost reveals that in the near future it will make it possible to send parcels using the application.

Source: InPost.

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