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Neither earbuds nor cordless cables can withstand this competition

Like everything that is powered by batteries – headphones also have their own working time on one charge. Unloaded earbuds can be put in a case and wait for the next round of entertainment. It is a bit better with BT headphones on the cable – from poverty you can connect the charger to them and continue using them (however silly it does not sound and does not look, works and saves the situation). But no matter if the working time on one charge is three, five or 12 hours – I have already found that in a long journey of about twenty hours, they are useless. You can, of course, connect a power bank and still survive a long flight without having to remove them from your ear, but with convenience it has nothing to do – at most it introduces more confusion. This is the reason why I do not part with the headphones on the cable. Maybe they are not the coolest and most fashionable. On the treadmill, they are unbearably uncomfortable, and untangling the cable is a small nightmare. But in this category they eat their new competitors – that I will not mention sound quality anymore, because every cable is a cable.

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