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x1.25, x1.5 – and now more and more often x2

I have been listening to podcasts for several years now, I started before it was fashionable – at least in Poland. As long as I had one or two programs among my favorites, recorded irregularly, it was enough to play them in Winamp, Foobar or other programs dealing with audio. However, the time has come when the base of the productions I'm interested in has begun to grow, and the new programs joining it have served me dozens of episodes of backlog. So I decided to try faster playback: timidly x1.25 first. Later, x1.5 became the standard – and now, regularly, x2. Once I dared to accelerate only programs in Polish, now also in English. I will not say, there are interviewees who are already x1 fast enough that their acceleration becomes problematic – but there are rather few. I am so used to fast playback that the lack of this function is critical for me when choosing an application: if at the same time I have a chance to hear more interesting conversations without compromise, why not use it? I'll tell you more – when it turned out that the magazine magazine has an audio version on the SoundCloud platform where such an option is not available, I was very disappointed and instead of listening to magazine, I started catching up in the * .mobi form. Detriment.

  We don't have time and money for culture. It is a pity that these are senseless excuses

I also admit that this is a function through which I think to finally give audiobooks a chance. I have always shunned them – mainly because seeing a dozen hours on the counter I spread my hands in the belief that I would simply read the story faster. But if you split it in half – maybe it would go to zero?

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