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Everything as an electric car

General Motors has officially confirmed that Hummer will be back. Of course, we will see a definitely refreshed vehicle that will have little to do technically with the original. When it comes to appearance, the Americans will take advantage of what they have and at first glance you will be able to see familiar shapes. I am glad that in this respect the company will follow the right path.

However, the biggest change will be the power source. Previous Hummer models ended their lives in 2010 and at that time most manufacturers relied exclusively on conventional propulsion sources. During the decade a lot has changed. Undoubtedly, Tesla contributes to this, which showed that an electric car can be desired and refined. The new Hummer will be powered by an electric motor.

Some may complain about it, but it will undoubtedly be a more economical solution for the wallet. What's more, Americans want to provide up to 1000 hp in the upcoming news. Even more interesting is the information that the new Hummer is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) in just 3 seconds. If this data proves to be true, Hummer EV may be a hit. To be honest, this will be great evidence that combustion engines have nothing to look for on the market, especially when it comes to the parameters offered.

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We are currently dealing with pre-production copies and the first production variants will be seen in autumn 2021. An interesting trend is being prepared on the market of crossovers, SUVs and off-road vehicles, because also here companies are starting to prepare their models in electric variants. This is especially surprising on the American market, where cars with a conventional power source are still in the lead and customers themselves do not seem to feel the need to change. Another matter, if and how electrical have less impact on the environment.

Fashion that makes sense

Further companies, among which it is worth pointing out Ford with an electric F-150, Tesla with Cybertruck or Riviana, show that the electric motor has ceased to be a temporary fashion. Now there is a wave of implementations and we will see what results from it.

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Undoubtedly, we can expect dynamic development of the network for charging electric cars and higher fees for this, as will be the prices for electricity. Another issue is the possible disposal of batteries. This seems to be a distant topic, but you can see the producers in their own ekokampaniach they skip it altogether.

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I'm curious how long will the fashion last electrical. On the one hand, they offer great parameters, on the other, it is not particularly noticeable that the current models are much more ecological in relation to the combustion siblings. I think that hydrogen cells can be another strong topic in the automotive industry.

source: The verge

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