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Instead of colors – shades of gray. And the smartphone becomes less attractive

I assume that the lion's share of you have never combined with your smartphone's settings in the context of changing the displayed color palette – more precisely: giving up colors in favor of grayscale. According to specialists – this simple step will make the smartphone become for us … less attractive, scrolling Facebook and Instagram will not give so much fun, and mobile games will cease to be equally tempting. It may be hard to believe, but … there can be something to it. I only make the first steps towards the subject myself and I'm not entirely convinced by this concept, especially with … a camera. It is different to apply black and white filters to photos taken in color, and it is different to do them in this form – and only then be able to check how the effects actually look. However, I agree that browsing the web in this way becomes much less attractive. While messengers and RSS readers engage in the same way, visual media – like YouTube or the Instagram mentioned above, do not taste as good.

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