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Hello people ! 2 days ago I thought about easier method to manage my websites in my VPS…currently I’m using WinSCP this soft is good but I was looking for something which will help me to manage files on my VPS like in Windows Explorer on my PC 🙂 and you know what ? I found solution, there is some great software which will show us our directories lists (VPS – > SFTP) in our Windows Explorer..

SFTP Net Drive 2017 – manage your SFTP/VPS via Windows Explorer

Yep it is SFTP Net Drive 2017 easy soft which will do this job for us, it is free for personal use.

First we need to connect with our VPS via SFTP protocol, it is very easy to do on SFTP Net Drive, just install it and in the first windows just put your username, and password 🙂 and click Connect..

and we got list of our directories in Windows Explorer, we can manage our VPS files from Windows Explorer /Copy/Delete/Edit files and folders 🙂

  The smartphone with Linux once again. Is it worth buying it yet?

You can configure connection in Setting

you can change port, ssh protocol version, compression level, connect via proxy etc.

Download SFTP Net Drive by clicking HERE

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