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On the Internet you can find a lot of interesting and sometimes even instructive things. In the case of interesting articles, you can just download them, the problem begins only in the case of videos. Some videos that contain, for example, advice, you should have on your laptop. Most of the videos are available only on facebook, and there is no other way to watch them. This guide contains information on how to download a video from fb. There are several ways to do this, we will show you 2 options 🙂


  • Find the video you need and click play.
  • After clicking the right mouse button, we’re looking for the “show URL of the movie” on the bar.
  • After copying the address, go to ““.
  • In this place, paste this address and click on the video you want to save.


  • Like the previous time, first find the video and play it, then use the right mouse button to copy the URL.
  • Open a new tab in the browser and paste the previously copied address. Before the “” address, enter the letter “m”. Thanks to this trick, the mobile version of the site will be opened, from which you can easily download the videos.
  • The only thing left is to recreate the movie and wait a moment. After clicking the right mouse button, the option to download video should appear.
  • The methods given here are for people who are not the owners of this video. When downloading, you should be careful, because, after all, the videos contained there are intellectual property of another person. They can be downloaded for own use, but it is absolutely forbidden to derive financial benefits from them.
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The suggestions given above apply only to videos available on facebook. There are also other ways to download NOT ONLY FROM FACEBOOK but also from youtube or vimeo.

To get this option, please enter your browser settings. In Chrome it is a stamp with three balls, in Mozilla with three stripes. The “settings” options are usually located near the end of this bar.
On the left side of the newly opened card, there should be 3 options to choose from. Under the “history” option there are “extensions”. This is what you should click.
In the place where you can write, enter “Video Download Helper”, or “Video downloader proffesionall”. After entering, pop-ups will appear, from which you should select one that contains the given name. Just click “add to Chrome” and the application has been installed.
Now you can go anywhere and play any video. After playback, depending on the program, a green arrow may appear, or three circles in three colors. In this first option, to get a better quality recording, you need to change it in the recording itself. At the bottom of the player there are 3 icons. In this case, click the icon that looks like a gear. The higher the number, the better the quality and the longer downloading time. The second program “Video DownlowadHelper”, displays the possible quality of the movie download itself.
Downloading movies from the Internet is called piracy for a reason. Only one case is allowed. The film will be for use by the individual, and will not derive any financial benefits from it. So you can watch this videos at home, but you can not use it for money

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