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On UserBenchmark there are often devices (including processors) that are still in vain to be found on the market. In the latest case of this type we are dealing with previously unknown equipment from Samsung with an Intel Core i5-L16G7 processor. The chip is to be delivered with Iris Plus Graphics – as stated in the UserBenchmark specification. But is it really good to enjoy it? Kind of yes, kind of no. The first benchmark shows that the system works "below expectations", which is obviously not good news. But let's wait – maybe the benchmark has not yet obtained the full data on the layout and it has simply not been possible to test everything.

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What's very interesting, this particular processor seems to have only 5 cores, which means that it will not support hyperthreading, which seems to be the industry standard. It is worth saying more: Intel probably used something similar to the big.LITTLE architecture in this system, which allows you to combine the appropriate performance of the component (when needed) with energy efficiency. The ARM architecture uses big.LITTLE to use much faster and slower cores within one system, but less energy. Intel used one Sunny Cove core in the Core i5-L16G7 processor, and the rest are Tremonts. I wonder if such a solution will directly affect the device's longer working time on a single charge cycle. I hope so – because in the sector of ultra-mobile PCs this is an extremely important parameter.

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